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Finding silicon glen

A recent chance encounter with a reel-to-reel recording tape and a Dansette record player in silicon glen led me to consider the significance of this place and how it relates to the social and cultural significance of Scotland.

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Keep on keeping on

Women in STEM have kept on keeping on during the pandemic, but now, it is time to step back? In this post I look at song, poetry and memes to explore this.

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hands making food with a rolling pin

Cooking with reckless abandon

Professor Massimiano Bucchi charts the long term stories of science and cooking from 1682 in "Newton's Chicken". The intersection of science and cooking is a gateway to popular culture. But what can STEM academics take from this?

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Crops growing

Autoethnography as a research method

I'm making a bold declaration to use autoethnography as a research method within my PhD thesis, but am I there yet?

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Couch with cushion on it that says

Beauty is good

I've been looking at the ways in which researchers reach out to people. Images create a powerful and immediate connection. Since the start of 2021 I've looked at the use of selfies in academia and found it has affected me profoundly.

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Lucy Beattie

Lucy Beattie

Hi I'm Lucy, a PhD Candidate with the UWS Academy. I'm looking at the role of public engagement in connecting teaching and research in Higher Education

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